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the dillema

  • we love dogs

    Sadly, 50% of dogs get terminal diseases due to eating meat

  • we love animals

    Yet, our pets are responsible for 20% of the world's meat production

  • we fight climate change

    But, our pets meat consumption cause 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Health improvements when eating ON!ST food

  • coat & skin conditions

    Ingredients carefully picked for the ON!ST formula such as pumpkin, sweet potato, and blueberry. They are high in vitamin A and antioxidants prevent dry skin, reduce inflammation, and ensure a thick, soft, luxurious coat.

  • allergies & intolerances

    Superior gut health and well-formed stools are facilitated by digestible & bioavailable nutrients promoted by the absence of bullshit ingredients such as meat, fillers, coatings, additives, sugars, and starches.

  • length & quality of life

    On average plant-fed dogs live 1,5 years longer, the eldest dog that ever lived (bramble) turned 25 on a vegan diet. Overall dogs show clear health improvements when switching to a plant-based diet and reported superior health over meat-fed dogs.

  • risk of meat-related diseases

    50% of dogs get cancer and other diseases and vets have linked this to the poor meat quality in petfood containing things such as anti-biotics, illegal growth hormones, pest control poisons, and plastics as a result of intensive factory-farmed livestock.

  • oral health

    the majority of kibble pet foods contains coating filled with starches and flavor enhancers that cause teeth to plague and tartar formation. While whole food natural ingredients are gentle to the teeth and ingredients such as parsley are superfoods that protect the natural health of teeth and breath.

  • gut health & digestion

    Vegetable diets have better average digestibility than meat-based diets. Feeding raw ingredients to your dog retains maximum bioavailability of all the natural (micro-) nutrients needed to manage a health gut biome. Ingredients such as nutritional yeast contribute to further boosting gut health with its vitamin b12 properties.