Human-Grade plant-based Dog Food

Complete plant-based dog nutrition. Packed with juicy plant proteins made from fresh, local, and human-grade ingredients. Free from any artificial additives, allergens, coatings or fillers. Secure your spot for the crowdfunding pre-sale!

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there's are 3 problems with mainstream pet food


    unhealthy pet food

    The primary source of mainstream pet foods is animal and plant waste unsuitable for human consumption. These ingredients often contain large quantities of built-up toxins, are intensively heat-treated, and synthetically enhanced with artificial flavors and colors. These chemicals have harmful effects on pets, with up to 50% of dogs becoming sick.

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    declining animal welfare

    Our pets are responsible for 20% of the world's meat production. As the global population and prosperity continue to grow, so does the inhumane treatment of animals in factory farming. An average dog single-handedly consumes 8,030 animals in its life - that's equivalent to one animal life every day.

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    unsustainable paw prints

    3% of the global greenhouse gas emission is caused by pet food. The average dog consumes 33 million liters of water, cuts 2,2 hectometers rainforest, emits 80 ton CO2 equivalents, and uses 588.030 kilometers of fossil fuel (15 drives around the planet) in its entire life when eating a fresh-meat diet.

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we found the solution

naturally dried plant-based dog food

We've developed a ground-breaking vegan recipe made entirely from fresh, human-grade, and native ingredients. The whole foods are air-dried under 100° celcius naturally preserving the fresh ingredients.

Because of the high quality sourcing and minimum heat-processing the recipe is complete in all naturally occurring nutrients, maximizing the bioavailability, and removing the need for synthetic supplements (often disguised as "nutritional additives").

The recipe contains complete high-quality plant-based proteins, all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, and is a complete nutrition for all dogs (e.g. adults, puppies, seniors, pregnant, neutered, and all breeds.

260.000 dutch dogs already eat plant-based

According to Statista, approximately 10.4 percent of pet owners are feeding their dogs an intermittent plant-based diet and 1.6% completely. The number of plant-powered dogs continues to grow with 8% every year!

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