Who are the rebels behind ON!ST? We are a team of passionate animal lovers who believe that pet food should be both nutritious, animal-friendly, and sustainable. At ON!ST, we're committed to using only the best ingredients, so our products are dehydrated, vegan, and made with 30% organic ingredients. We're proud to reinvest 1% of our sales in biodiversity restoration and collaborate with zero-waste stores. On this page you can read about the mission, vision, and values that ON!ST stands for, as well as the founders and their origin story. 

our reason for being

The name ON!ST is derived from the phonetic spelling of the word “honest”. We define honest as the combined definition of our core values: integrity + boldness + clean labels. With these values we take action towards our reason for being: “Fight animal cruelty, prolong pet lives, and reduce their PAWprint.”


Meet Danique, the visionary co-founder behind ON!ST's. Danique lives and breathes for her animals. Because she has had and stil has so many her friends and family often refer to her as "the ark of Noah". When Danique moved to Amsterdam to study, she started eating plant-based and hasn't looked back since. However, when she became a dog mom, she was faced with a dilemma; the meat-dominated standard of pet food. At the time, she did not know that it is possible for dogs to eat plant-based as well, and thats it’s healthier for them too. Frustrated with the highly processed and meat dominated pet food market, she took matters into her own hands and created a food that she would gladly eat herself: dried fresh vegan dog food. Combining her passion for animals, food, cooking, and sustainability, Danique sets out to create a better world for pets and pet owners alike. 


Meet Leandro, the co-founder of ON!ST. He has a deep passion for sustainability and believes in taking balanced steps to reduce his carbon footprint and promote animal welfare. When Leandro became a dog dad to his beloved Elliott, he was committed to providing his furry friend with the best possible food that would promote his health and well-being. However, he was disappointed with the limited options available on the market that were both healthy and eco-conscious. Driven by his passion for sustainability, Leandro co-founded ON!ST to make it easier for pet owners like himself to incorporate more plant-based options into their lives, without compromising on quality, convenience, or taste.


best friends

Danique & Leandro met at university and ended up in the same project groups their entire study. It was always a big blast working together so they quickly became best friends!


the pet parent dilemma

They shared a big passion for animals and became pet parents, uncles, and aunts to Kayu, Elliott, and Koda. However, they quickly ran into a dilemma: they loved raising healthy and happy pets, but they did not want to harm the planet or other animals as a result.


endless brainstorms

They decided to take matters into their own hands and took a deep dive into pet food to find the ultimate solution: 

A vegan recipe made entirely from fresh, human-grade, and native ingredients. The whole foods are air-dried under 100° Celsius naturally preserving the fresh ingredients. Because of the high quality sourcing and minimum heat-processing the food is complete in all naturally occurring nutrients, maximizing the bioavailability, and removing the need for synthetic supplements (often disguised as "nutritional additives"). 


team, mentors & investors

Leandro & Danique quit their jobs (scary!) and assembled a team (welcome Josha! a.k.a the best designer ever!) to make their vision a reality! Quickly they found impact investors, ambassadors, & mentors that recognized and shared our vision. Together we are driving the clean pet food revolution!

join the business

We have assembled a passionate team with expertise in pet nutrition, product development, marketing, community-building, sustainability, and of course, a love for food. On our journey, we will be challenged. But you can count on us to make choices guided by our core values, vision, and mission. Would you like to join this business of eco-warriors? We are always looking for ambassadors, impact investors, innovative partners, and team member additions!

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