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Tasty, fresh & natural

ON!ST is the first dehydrated plant-based* dog food in the world. It is packed with juicy plant proteins made from fresh, local, and human-grade ingredients. Free from any artificial additives, allergens, coatings, or fillers.

*suitable for vegans

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100% flavour
zero % bullsh*t

dehydrated what?

Most pet foods are processed at high temperatures, losing most of the food's nutritional value. To compensate, manufacturers supplement with (synthetic) additives, often disguised as "nutritional additives" (check your pet's food packaging). ON!ST's fresh ingredients are naturally preserved by dehydration. This method removes moisture through a gentle drying process, which maintains all naturally occurring nutrients.

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Flavour explosion

Fresh algae, smokey seitan, crispy green beans, and juicy forest fruits! It's so delicious that you will catch yourself trying to steal a bite. The good news is, you can! It is made with only human-grade and high-quality fresh ingredients, so you and your dog can start drooling over your dog's dinner. Don't believe us?

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the cheat code to optimal dog health

CTRL + plant-power + ALT + human-grade + SHIFT = HEALTHIEST DOGS

Plant-PAWered dogs live up to 1,5 years longer, with less vet visits, quicker recovery from allergies and other health conditions, and have overall superior health and nutrient results than meat-fed dogs. Want to know more? Check our research database!

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part-time or full-time flexiterrier?

Switching to ON!ST is an easy swap! Whether you would like to use ON!ST pet food as a delicious topper on your dog's current food, have your dog join the family's "meat-free Monday", or switch "cold turkey" and go full ON!ST mode to reap all health benefits. Every lifestyle is possible with our pure and tasty food.

why sustainability matters

We're on a mission to prolong pet lives, reduce PAW-prints, and fight animal cruelty. Proudly contributing to UNSDG 12: “ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”. Our vision for these goals is to provide pet parents with all essentials to raise healthy, animal-friendly, & climate PAWsitive pets. The first steps on this journey is to introduce our dog food. With every purchase, we reinvest 1% of sales toward biodiversity restoration.

why we need your support now!

Pet food manufacturers are super stubborn. They are stuck in their old ways and heavily influenced by the big corporate pet food producers who lay down the law. We have no time to wait on them to embrace dog health concerns and put sustainability on their agenda.

ON!ST is a rebel and has developed a groundbreaking way of feeding our fluffy friend together with animal scientists & nutritionists that does put health as priority. To make ON!ST pet food a reality we need you (!), our community of dog lovers, to support our crowdfunding pre-sale. Alone we are a drop in the water, but together we can create a greater wave for healthier dogs, lower paw-prints and fight animal cruelty.

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